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About Us

A Game Room Dream

Neurothon brings the ultimate game room experience to a small town in Texas.  With easy-play Nintendo Switch units for the youngest hands all the way to powerful PC gaming units, we look to challenge players to level-up and develop their motor skills.  We believe playing video games enhances the ability of the player to engage their mind in learning and helps to boost or improve cognitive skills--including reasoning, navigation, perception and memory.  While game units of various types are available in homes, our social gathering setting allows personal interactions and social contact instead of isolation.

Our Story

We are a husband and wife team with a simple dream of providing an economical entertainment choice and safe place for children, young adults, and families.  Having been born and raised in a small town, we understand entertainment choices are often limited.  The closest options are forty miles away and are more expensive. 

Starting a business can be daunting, but in a small town it is especially challenging.  Advertising in the weekly newspaper does not reach the desired younger demographic, so social media and word-of-mouth becomes the main modes.  These are slow and methodic.  It requires a lot of patience and commitment to the goal.   We love the sound of laughter and squeals of delight when the next level is achieved (or battle is won).  Often the banter during competition gets very excited.  It is encouraging to hear the positive social interaction from children who have previously been restricted in social contact.   We are committed to making every moment one to be remembered.

Meet The Team

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